I'm up late working, and it just hit me. I'm VERY comfortable behind the scenes (probably too comfortable for my own good) and I gotta work on that. You see, I've never been the type to crave attention. I'm not the loud guy popping bottles in the club standing on couches. I'm more like the quiet friend in the corner reading the room. I've ALWAYS been this way.
I saw the word "ENTROVERT" somewhere and it's officially mine now. Like seriously, THIS is what I am - an introverted entrepreneur! Who knew such a thing even existed?
I see people doing a lot of unnecessary shit on social media trying to become famous and it's really upsetting me & my homegirls. I'm totally fine sitting at home, listening to old school R&B while I make candles. It's zen AF and so much more soothing than anything else I can think of.
But, as with all things, I know I eventually have to give in and do SOMETHING besides being behind the scenes. There's a weird obsession with getting to know the "who" behind the company these days, so - I get it. Baby steps tho - don't rush me......
xoxo, Elisa